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Prince George To Appear On A Children's TV Show

As a royal, there are bound to be perks; wealth, good press, light workload, A CASTLE, they all come with the title of "His/Her Royal Highness." But now, 4-year-old Prince George can add "TV star" to his list of Royal Perks.

Vanity Fair

He'll be following in his dad and uncle's footsteps, as it was reported both Prince William and Prince Harry will be appearing in the new Star Wars movie.

Hello Magazine UK confirmed that Prince George will have a role in his favorite TV show in the upcoming season, but what show is it? And what will he be doing?

One of the most popular series in the UK is Fireman Sam, and it just so happens to be a royal favorite. Last year, Kate Middleton was photographed purchasing a Fireman Sam book during a charity book sale. She told reporters that it was a favorite in the royal household.

Now, for the 30th anniversary of the show, Prince George will get to play a part in Fireman Sam.

“We’re going to celebrate Fireman Sam’s 30th anniversary by introducing a very special episode," producer Ian McCue says. "We heard that we have a very famous fan in Prince George, so we thought it would be really fun to bring a [member of the] royal family to Pontypandy and see how the community reacts to that.”


“[The episode with Prince George] will see a four-year-old royal visit the fictional South Wales town as part of a state visit," continued McCue "But, when calamity strikes, he’ll (Prince George will) be forced to save the day with a helicopter.”

A helicopter seems fitting, as Prince George is known to love them. There's no word on whether it will just be George's voice on the show or if they'll have him appear in person somehow.


The episode, titled "The Prince in Pontypandy" will air in the UK at some point in 2018, although we're sure it will make its way onto the internet soon thereafter.

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