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We Found Out What Prince George's Favorite Movie Is And It's Strangely Fitting

The royal family loves their privacy, which means that everything we know about them was either told to the public by one of the family members or a source who is extremely acquainted with them.

Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate, are known to share tidbits of information about their lives with well-wishers and reporters at their official appearances.


The lovely couple enjoy making small talk, and over the years they have let on some interesting and amusing details about themselves and their children, George and Charlotte. For instance, in one of their last appearances before Kate's pregnancy was announced, the Duchess joked that she and William would "just have to have more babies," after she was gifted with a baby item.

This week, William was forced to share a little bit more about his family during a surprise attendance at London's Paddington train station. While Kate was busy sharing a dance with Paddington Bear, the Duke was being grilled by a boy who wanted to get to know Prince George better.

The boy asked William to share what George likes to watch, and it turns out the 4-year-old is a 90s kid at heart with a really good taste.

William revealed that Disney's The Lion King is his son's favorite film to watch.

"He quite likes The Lion King, we've watched that a few times," William told the curious boy. How appropriate! Especially considering the fact that George could one day become king.

Also, The Lion King is just one of those movies that is so easy to love because it has all the elements of a great film; from the crazy plot twists and hilarious characters, to the catchy soundtrack and life lessons.  

Apparently, the young heir "has watched some LEGO movies as well," and is also a fan of a British children's show called The Octonauts, which follows an "underwater exploring crew made up of stylized anthropomorphic animals."

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Although, William and Kate try to limit their children's screen time, he admits that it's "hard work" trying to keep George off the television.

Oh well, Hakuna Matata! There's no doubt that they're doing a fantastic job in raising George and now that he is attending school, he surely won't have enough time to watch that much TV.

Are you a fan of The Lion King too?

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