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What Will Harry And Meghan's Baby Look Like? We May Have The Answer

Kensington Palace - Instagram

Less than a year after the exciting arrival of Prince Louis, the world is already eagerly awaiting another royal baby.

The announcement that Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle are expecting their first child together is cause for celebration.

But royal watchers have plenty of questions about the new baby.

New Parents Harry And Meghan

Harry and Meghan
The newlyweds are expecting their first child together.Kensington Palace - Instagram

While the new baby, which is set to arrive next spring, will be the first for newlyweds Harry and Meghan, their child is already part of a growing family.

The couple will give Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip their eighth grandchild.

Of course, Harry's son or daughter will also be a cousin to his brother Prince William's three children, five-year-old Prince George, three-year-old Princess Charlotte, and newborn Prince Louis.

Kate Middleton Prince William Prince Louis
Prince William and Duchess Catherine Middleton welcomed their third child, Prince Louis, in April.Kensington Palace - Instagram

But Princess Anne's children, Zara Tindall and Peter Phillips, have also welcomed children into the royal family.

Whether the new baby will be named a prince or princess is unknown, since that decision is left to the queen's discretion.

The baby will immediately become 7th in line to the throne, following Prince Harry, Prince William and his children, and Prince Charles, so there's no cause to give it a royal title unless the queen decides to.

In any case, the baby would still become an Earl, following the title Prince Harry was given at his wedding to Meghan.

The expectant mother has already been given her first baby gifts, as she continues touring Australia and neighboring countries alongside the prince.

While there is some anxiety over Meghan's "geriatric" pregnancy (she's 37) so far there have been no reports of morning sickness or other health concerns.

Who Will Their Baby Look Most Like?

The announcement is just days old, but there has already been plenty of speculation about the new baby's looks.

Prince Harry Meghan Markle
The baby just might inherit Harry's red hair.Kensington Palace - Instagram

The biggest question so far is whether or not Harry and Meghan's child will inherit his red hair.

To be born with both hair, a child does not need two parents with red hair themselves.

But both parents only need to carry the recessive gene for red hair to pass it on.

Harry obviously does, since his mother's family (the Spencers) have plenty of redheads.

It's unclear if there are any redheads on Meghan's side of the family. She is of mixed-race heritage, but if the European side of her ancestry features redheads it's possible she could pass the gene on.

For now, consider the odds of a redheaded baby slim-to-none for this royal couple.

Let's Peek At Some Possible Baby Photos

It's not exactly scientific, but "baby photo generators" are a tried and true method for parents to guess what their unborn child could look like.

Actually, after seeing these computer-generated results, we're sure Harry and Meghan's real baby will be much cuter.

Still, it doesn't hurt to consider the possibilities, and these photos definitely make you think.

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Congratulations to the happy couple! Are you excited for the new royal baby?

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