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5 Things That Prove Prince Harry Is Turning Out Exactly Like His Mother


Prince William and Prince Harry lost their mother too soon. They were only 15 and 12 years old respectively, and as we all know, there is a lot going on in any child's life at that time, let alone the life of a prince.

Both men have grown into respectable, strong, brave, and compassionate people, and are both loved by the public. Their ability to remain relatable despite their privileged lives is what is helping the monarch remain relevant in this modern world.

It's Harry, though, who seems to emanate this energy that is extremely reminiscent of the late Princess Diana.  

There are a lot of things about the Duke of Sussex that make people believe that Diana lives on in him.

1. He's the royal rebel

While all the other royals seem to be a bit more buttoned-down, Harry is known to let loose. Sure, sometimes his antics get him in trouble, but for the most part his acts of rebellion are subtle.

Something as simple as being openly affectionate with his new wife is normally not how a royal would act, but the couple is so madly in love they can't seem to resist!

His mother was also a rebel, by writing her own wedding vows or even choosing her own ring, Diana managed to make a stand in a way that was not common in the royal family.

2. He's passionate about charity

While Diana struggled during her marriage to Charles because of his infidelity, her charity work always seemed to put a smile on her face.

She did a lot of work to remove the stigma around HIV and AIDS, a mission that Harry has taken on himself.

He started his own charity organization called Sentebale, which means "forget me not" in Sesotho, continue his mother's mission.

He's previously mentioned that he wants to "make [his] mother proud," but I think we all know that he has absolutely done that time and time again.

3. He has the same habits

Micro-expressions are all those little ticks and habits you have that you often don't even notice. But it seems as though Diana may have passed down some of hers to her son.

Micro-expressions are often done when feelings become overwhelming, and you are trying to keep your composure. Both Diana and Harry seem to have the same way of expressing this, as they both bite their lower lip.

Harry was seen doing this at his wedding, as he spoke to Meghan Markle when she made it up to the altar, and Diana could be seen in many photographs making the same face.

Sometimes it's the little things like a facial expression that make you really realize just how similar you are to your parents.

4. They are both open about mental health

Both of Diana's sons have been pretty open about how hard her death was on them, and how mental health struggles are nothing to be embarrassed about.

This probably comes from a lesson they learned from their mother, who had opened up about how hard it was dealing with Charles' affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, and even with her own postpartum depression.

5. They both are down-to-earth and kind

You can tell a lot about a person by who they like to spend time with. For both Diana and Harry, they have had a lot of public exposure, which means a lot of chances to be seen as unpleasant, however both remained beloved to this day.

Children seem to flock to Harry, as they did to his mother, many celebrities befriend the prince, just like his mom, and even the general public has nothing but nice things to say about either of them.

They've both been described as "down-to-earth" and "honest," and that goes a long way.

One volunteer who worked with Harry said he was good at breaking the ice, just like his mother was.

To come from a family as famous as they did, and still be able to seem relatable to anyone is quite the skill.

Volunteer Betty Walker said it best, "He's got a good heart, just like his mum."

While Diana was always considered the "People's Princess," Harry seems to have stepped up nicely in her absence.

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Do you find that Harry reminds you of Diana?