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Prince Philip Speaks For First Time Since His Serious Accident

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When Prince Philip flipped his Land Rover a couple of weeks ago, he was extremely lucky to be alive. The 97-year-old royal has had a lot of health problems recently, so when news of the crash broke, people were rightfully concerned.

The prince was uninjured, but the same could not be said for Emma Fairweather, a passenger in the other car involved in the crash. Fairweather broke her wrist, and thankfully her nine-month-old baby in the backseat was unharmed. But even though the situation wasn't as bad as it could have been, Fairweather was still pretty upset that no one from the Royal Family reached out to apologize.

"I'm lucky to be alive and he hasn't even said sorry," Fairweather, a 46-year-old mother of two, told The Mirror. "It has been such a traumatic and painful time and I would have expected more of the Royal Family. It could have been so much worse. Prince Philip apparently said to a witness that it was the sun that dazzled him but I can't see how that could be true when it was overcast."

On top of that, Fairweather was told to stay hush-hush about the whole situation, and that someone from the Palace would get ahold of her sometime soon.

"I was just advised not to speak to anyone and told to expect a call from the Palace yesterday," she said. "I know the Queen is a busy lady but I was really excited at the idea she might phone me. Instead, I got a call from a police family liaison officer. The message he passed on didn't even make sense. He said, 'The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh would like to be remembered to you.' That's not an apology or even a well-wish."

Fairweather's story has been making the rounds, and it seems like the Palace finally decided to address it head on. Prince Philip penned a letter to Fairweather, and it appears as though his words are from the heart.

Dear Ms Fairweather,

I would like you to know how very sorry I am for my part in the accident at Babingley cross-roads.

I have been across that crossing any number of times and I know very well the amount of traffic that uses the main road. It was a bright sunny day and at about three in the afternoon, the sun was low over the Wash. In other words, the sun was shining low over the main road. In normal conditions I would have no difficulty in seeing traffic coming from the Dersingham direction, but I can only imagine that I failed to see the car coming, and I am very contrite about the consequences.

I was somewhat shaken after the accident, but I was greatly relieved that none of you were seriously injured. As a crowd was beginning to gather, I was advised to return to Sandringham House by a local Police Officer. I have since learned that you have suffered a broken arm. I am deeply sorry about this injury.

I wish you a speedy recovery from a very distressing experience.

Yours sincerely,


Fairweather said the letter was a surprise.

"He asked how I was and said sorry that I was in pain. I was chuffed," she admitted. "I thought it was really nice that he signed off as "˜Philip' and not the formal title. I was pleasantly surprised because of the personalized nature. A lot of people said it was unrealistic that I wanted that human kindness from Prince Philip "“ which is what I saw this letter as. He's tried to give an explanation so I appreciate that, whether I agree with it or not. It is a difficult letter to write "“ to know what would be the right thing to say without making me more upset."

But even though Fairweather is a self-admitted fan of the royals, this letter isn't going to be a centerpiece.

"It will just go in a file with all the rest of paperwork on this," she said.

It's nice to see the Palace was willing to accommodate Fairweather's wishes of an apology after the accident. Even though they're the royal family, they're still regular humans who should be held responsible for their actions!

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What do you think of Prince Philip's letter?

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