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Prince William Jokes About A Topic Most Are Too Afraid To Bring Up Around Him

As it turns out Prince William isn't shy about his thinning hair.

Do you remember with Prince William had a thick blonde head of hair in his early teens, the kind you would not have expected to disappear at a blink of an eye? He has clearly been losing his hair since his mid-twenties, in spite of having plenty of coverage in his earlier years.


If you remember Prince William's wedding in 2011, he still had a decent amount of coverage.

It was definitely starting to thin though.


His hair-loss became painfully obvious after he got his hair clipped short. In fact, after his hair cut there was a lot of buzz around how quickly he was actually losing his hair.

Prince Williams receding hairline has served as a punchline for his loved ones, including younger brother Prince Harry and his wife Kate Middleton.

But he doesn't take any of it to heart and even makes a few jokes himself.

Last week, the royal stopped in a cafe that had been set up as a homeless charity that helps people who struggle with addiction and homelessness get back up on their feet, and he made a comment that everyone is still talking about.

After arriving at the event he could be seen shaking hands with the men's hairdressers next door, and cracking a joke about his obvious hair-loss.

“I don’t have much hair, I can’t give you much business,” he said to Taz Tabria, a hairstylist.

Spitafields Crypt Trust, provides holistic recovery services to those who are dealing with drug and alcohol additions, which often leads to homelessness.

Much like his late mother Princess Diana, William has made it a focus of his charity work to help bring awareness to homelessness. The family has championed for the charity, Centerpoint since 2005, while he also highlights his work on combating mental health challenges in men.

During his visit he was given three wooden owls as gifts for Prince George, Princess Charlotte and the new royal baby that the Duchess of Cambridge is currently pregnant with.

The gifts were presented by Restoration Station Manager Rhys Pritchard who explained the significance of the gesture. “The first thing that students are asked to do when they start training is to make an owl, and that is simply a piece of self-expression.

Prince William left his job as an air ambulance pilot early this summer, and is now focusing full-time on his royal duties. This has him providing support to his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II and highlighting causes and charities that lie close to the royal family's heart.

Source: People / Men's Hair Forum / Today