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Princes William and Harry To Appear In Action Movie Together

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If you're anything like me and my brother, then you would bicker and fight at every available opportunity, until we wanted to do something cool that would force us to work together.

That seems to be the case with these royal brothers, as Princes William and Harry have decided to try their hand at acting in an upcoming film that's sure to be a blockbuster.

Harry has of course been stealing the limelight away from his older brother in the past few weeks thanks to his recent engagement to the stunning Meghan Markle, an actress herself. Perhaps she gave him some acting tips!

With a wedding coming up in 2018, perhaps Harry and his older brother wanted a chance to have a bit of fun before family obligations make it difficult to get a moment alone.

They are both due to appear in the latest Star Wars movie, but you'll never guess what role they were cast for!

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