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Princess Anne's Divorce Was The Cheating Scandal That Rocked The Royal Family

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The British Royal Family have had their share of scandals throughout the decades, but none have been forgotten like Princess Anne's divorce.

Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips.Gamma-Keystone

When the princess, the second child and only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II, first announced her engagement to Captain Mark Phillips it was a historic event. It was just the second time in the modern era that a member of the British Royal Family had married a commoner, after the queen's sister Princess Margaret did the same.

Princess Anne competed at the Montreal Olympics.The Royal Family / Twitter

But Princess Anne was always known for breaking royal traditions. Like her mother she was always passionate about horses, and competed in equestrian events at an Olympic level (the first member of the British Royal Family to do so).

She met Phillips, a British Army Captain, through the equestrian competition circuit. The couple said their "I dos" in true royal fashion, with a ceremony at Westminster Abbey in 1973 watched by more than 500 million people around the world.

Captain Phillips refused his honorary royal title.misrealopiniones

While Anne's Tudor-style dress with a high collar and long sleeves was very traditional, the couple's wedding including one final break with royal rules: Phillips turned down the traditional customary (as in honorary) royal title, meaning that he stayed a commoner after marriage and the couple's children would not receive titles.

The couple with their son, Peter.Express

It was a fresh and exciting start to their marriage, but years later the couple parted ways in the wake of a huge scandal...

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