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Princess Diana's Astrologer Says Harry's Romance With Meghan Was Written In The Stars

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Whether or not you believe in fate, you have to admit there's something magical about Prince Harry's whirlwind romance with actress Meghan Markle.

The couple have been together for less than two years, but they already seem deeply in love, especially whenever they're spotted out in public stuck together at the hip.

Celebrity astrologer Debbie Frank has her own explanation for the famous couple's close bond: she says that Markle's presence was already written into the prince's future when he was just six years old.

We've already analysed the newest royal couple's relationship based on their star signs, but the predictions weren't so rosy.

Before the engagement was announced, astrologer Susan Miller warned that their conflicting signs - Harry is a Virgo, Markle is a Leo - could cause friction. Not only is the actress an American, but she's also one of the only Fire signs in a family of mainly Earth and Water signs.

Miller warned the young couple “couldn’t be more different,”and said their “love affair is going to take some time to develop into a long-term success.”

But of course everything seems to be going well for the couple now, and Debbie Frank isn't surprised. After meeting the late Princess Diana in 1989, the astrologer managed to chart the young prince's future, and her predictions seem to be coming true.

Frank told the website Royal Central that she met Diana in 1989, and stayed in touch with the princess until her tragic death in 1997.


Whenever they crossed paths, Frank says that Diana had "always have a giggle and a glint in her eye” when discussing her younger son. But the astrologer says Diana was also concerned about Harry's future.

For the young and outgoing prince, Diana reportedly worried adjusting to life as a public figure would be tough.

"She would be rueful about him [Harry] and what was going to happen for Harry, and she knew he had all this energy, and it was going to be hard for him to conform to real life," Frank remembers.

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But Frank also says the princess would have no qualms about Harry's fiancee. She believes his mother "would be so happy that he was getting to marry the person he wanted to marry, that Meghan is such a different person.”

And the astrologer is taking credit for predicting the match when Harry was just six. She says that after studying the prince's star chart, she noticed an American influence in his future that may have represented Markle.

It could be fate that brought this happy couple together, or maybe just really good luck!

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