Priscilla Presley Finally Speaks Out On Her Uncomfortable Marriage To Elvis


Elvis Presley was known for more than just his unique voice. The King of Rock and Roll lived an exuberant and lavish lifestyle, and he didn't attempt to hide that at all.

He had also had a penchant for gorgeous and glamorous women, and he made sure that he was always surrounded by them. Throughout his life, he was linked to plenty of women, but he only ever married one: Priscilla Beaulieu.

Priscilla was only 14-years-old when she met Elvis at a dinner in Germany, where he was serving in the U.S. Army. It wasn't long before the teen and Elvis fell for each other, and she eventually moved to Graceland in March 1963, under strict conditions laid out by her parents.

The couple made their fairy tale romance official when they tied the knot in 1967. They welcomed a child, Lisa Marie, a year into their marriage, and for a while everything seemed to go well. However, Elvis, who was 10 years Priscilla's senior, couldn't remain faithful to his wife, and at one point she realized that she never lived "as a normal girl."

Now, 40 years after the death of the love of her life, Priscilla is opening up about their interesting relationship. She shared some details during a recent appearance on the British panel show Loose Women.

During her interview on the show, Priscilla revealed that it wasn't until her marriage with Elvis ended that she realized how much control he maintained over her.

She explained that she didn't know who she was while living with the rock and roll star. She claimed that at one point she was living "his life, seeing the movies he wanted to see, listening to the music he liked, and going to the places he wanted to visit."


Priscilla also revealed that the transition from being a free teenager to living at Graceland was not easy.

"Moving into Graceland, he already had his inner circle," said Priscilla. "Of course they embraced me, but I never realized that that was it. We didn't go out. He didn't like eating in restaurants because people would take pictures of him and he didn't want to be shot ... putting a fork in his mouth."

She also shared that Elvis had quirks that worsened the situation. She had to work twice as hard to maintain what she calls "mystique" in the relationship.

"There are things you keep to yourself," she continued. "He never wanted to see me getting dressed. He wanted to see the result of getting dressed."

At one point, Priscilla realized that she was wasting her youth in an uncomfortable marriage, and that she "needed to find out what the world was like" without Elvis. After six years of marriage, she left the music icon.

Priscilla, now 72, never remarried, and although she's established a career as an actress and businesswoman, she continues to oversee her husband's legacy.

You can watch the entire interview in the video below:

This isn't the first time that details of Elvis's marriage to Priscilla have been exposed. Earlier this year, a new book titled Elvis Presley: A Southern Life by Joel Williamson, revealed some secrets about their love life.

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