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Want Your Pets To Be Groomed, Housed And Trained? Send Them To Prison

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We've all had one of those moments where, no matter how much we love them, we've wanted to take our precious little bundle of furry joy, lock them up in a massive cage, and throw away the key. It happens to everybody: one second you're playing with your puppy, having the greatest of times and all is right with the world, then you turn your back on him for one second and he's proceeded to demolish the one thing you had in the room that was both expensive and irreplaceable.


Cats aren't much better. I've personally lost track of how many pieces of furniture I've had demolished by means of razor-sharp claws, and of course even if you make it clear that they're doing something they shouldn't be doing, they'll just wait for you to leave the room before going right back to doing it.

Cute Overload

This all comes before the pain in the ass that is keeping your furball groomed, which can be an entire ordeal in and of itself. Have you ever wished that maybe there was a place you could send your pet to not only learn how to stop being a bad dog, but also for them to get the shearing and fur cuts that they so desperately need?

Well, you're in luck! It turns out there is such a place for your pooches and kitties: it's called prison. No, seriously.

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