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Here Are 5 Products You Are Spending Too Much Money On And Where To Spend Less

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We all want to know that the products we are buying will last us a lifetime, but does that mean we have to spend absurd amounts of money to get quality? In the balance between finding a good deal and getting your moneys worth, how are you supposed to know the difference?

Unfortunately, there is no one simple trick to getting the best product at the best price. There are many forms of advertising that we all fall for every single day that convince us that something we are looking at is actually much better than it is.

So we end up buying things that seem flashy to us on TV but when we bring them home, they seem to lose their appeal. Sure enough, not much time later we find ourselves having to go out yet again just to buy the same product that was supposed to fix our problem!

To say it's infuriating is an understatement, but luckily, the internet exists. Which means that people can come together and talk about the products and services they have tried, been disappointed in, and that have lasted the test of time.

So here's a list of products that you are already spending too much money on, and where you can go to pick up the better version, for cheaper. What could be better than that?

Magic Sponge Erasers

The household cleaning product industry is full of bogus claims that pit companies against one another, yet all claim to be the "best option" as compared to their competitors.

Sponges with special chemical cleaning properties have been around for a number of years now, but you'll find yourself paying out for only one or two of them that only seem to last for a couple of cleaning situations.

Instead of shelling out for these dubious items, why not order 100 of the real thing, for the same price you would pay for one of the other brand names?

These melamine foam cleansers are made from eco-friendly materials, can be cut to size, and work on dust, stains, and most surfaces that see build-up of filth.

Buy them here now!


How annoying is it to be halfway through your day and realize that your deodorant has already worn off? I mean, even if we're not running, our sweat just seems to find it's way through to our nice clean shirts.

You've probably found yourself hoodwinked by the brands in this department. I mean, they have such funny commercials right? But that doesn't translate into quality.

Consider Arm & Hammer Deodorant, and no, it's not made out of baking soda!

It may seem like an odd brand to use, but it works really well for keeping your sweat glands fresh! Plus, it likely won't ruin any shirts you put on afterwards!

Try it out and buy yours today!

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