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Women Recount Their Experiences With The After-Life and It Will Make You A Believer

Daily Mail

Science hasn't been able to explain everything, specifically when it comes to never-ending questions about the universe and human consciousness.

Some people believe that there's nothing after death, while others believe there's irrefutable proof that Heaven or some form of afterlife dimension exists.

There have been several studies that suggest the spirit or soul can survive.

Dr. Sam Parnia, a leading resuscitation expert from the University of Southampton, studied 2,000 patients around the world and concluded, "Consciousness and awareness appeared to occur during a three-minute period when there was no heartbeat ... the detailed recollections of visual awareness in this case were consistent with verified events."

A group of educated women have gathered to share their stories about the afterlife, and their recollections are hair-raising.

These women gathered at a coffee shop to debate the scientific evidence for the existence of an afterlife and how best to connect with loved ones that have passed.

"We're not sitting in an old-fashioned gypsy caravan, looking into a glass ball," one of the women said. "We're all professional, educated women... I'm logical and think things through. But I also believe that the human spirit can live on beyond death."

Here are each one of these women's accounts on the afterlife.

1. Jane Clark

Jane, who works for the Ministry of Justice and has held several roles in the prison service, consulted a medium in order to connect with a trouble man she had worked with, who died in a "sad, lonely circumstance" that made Jane feel guilty she didn't reach out to help him.

I absolutely get why people say that this is twaddle, because it's not tangible in terms of something you can see," Jane said.

However, the medium knew details about the man that only a handful of people knew. and also gave detailed descriptions of conversations between him and Jane. She was finally able to learn that he's not troubled anymore.

2. Theresa Cheung

"Twenty years ago, I was in my car, heading to a junction behind a lorry indicating left. I planned to turn left, too, until a voice told me to move to the right and change lanes. Even though she had died a few years earlier, it was my mother's voice, and I obeyed instantly. If I had turned left, you wouldn't be reading this now, because I would have driven into a pile-up that claimed the lives of three people in cars directly behind the lorry," the academic wrote in her article for the Daily Mail.  

"To this day, I can't explain that voice, other than that it must have been my mother guiding me from Heaven. It proved to me there is an afterlife. I'm no fool: I have a Masters in theology and English from Cambridge University. I am also very aware that many are skeptical about whether our consciousness can survive death."

3. Ali Norell

Ali Norell's third child, Romy, died at only four months, and she believes her deceased child has tried to contact her from heaven. The wellness and fitness professional met with a medium after her son's sudden death in the hopes of coming to terms with her loss, and all she told her was that one of her children had died.  

"I was wearing a heavy coat with a scarf round my neck, and she told me I was wearing a gold locket round my neck with a photo of my daughter and a lock of her hair in it. This was correct, though there was no way she could have seen it. She was also able to give me specific details, not known to anyone else, about how Romy had died "” she collapsed after we had got back from a trip out. I had left her sleeping in the living room while I went to make a cup of tea. Then I heard this weird rasping sound. I realized it was Romy and she was gasping for breath," Norell recalled.

"Technically, Romy died the next day when we'd turned off the machines, but the medium said she had passed on in the house. It was something I had also known in my heart. But apart from my husband and mother, I never told anyone that. The medium said she was given information to reassure me that Romy had gone to sleep, had slight difficulty breathing, then hadn't woken up. There was nothing I could have done."

"The most stunning thing was that she said, out of the blue: 'Has your TV been moving?' She said it was Romy's spirit trying to communicate with us. The funny thing was that the TV had been moving. For three mornings in a row, I'd found it had swiveled round 180 degrees ... [My] husband not only said he hadn't moved the TV, but that he had also discovered it turned round on several occasions at night."

Norell saw no other explanation to this other than Romy trying to contact the family.

What's your opinion on the afterlife? Have you heard of any other near-death experiences? Let us know!

[Source: Daily Mail]

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