Property Brothers Release Steamy New Photos For An Important Cause

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Twins Jonathan and Drew Scott stole our hearts the moment they graced our TV sets as the stars of HGTV's hit home renovation show Property Brothers. Over the years, the realtor-contractor duo cemented their place in pop culture and became household names in their own right.

Not only do the identical siblings have amazing renovation and interior design skills, they're also very handsome with great personalities to boot. Just when we thought that they couldn't be any more perfect, the brothers prove us wrong once again.

The talented brothers have recently caught our attention with the release of a series of racy photos in which they've stripped down to the bare minimum for a very important cause.

Jonathan and Drew posed for professional photographer TJ Scott's book, In the Tub, to benefit breast cancer research. Drew is pictured shirtless while Jonathan is wearing a wet dress shirt and tie, both lounging in a bathtub.

It helps that the pair are used to being in front of cameras, "We were comfortable right from the get go. Drew loves the opportunity to 'accidentally' lose his shirt and flex. I'm a pretty private person, and not one to just walk around naked, except that time I was in Thunder From Down Under for Brother vs. Brother," Jonathan told People.com.

While Drew quips that he "may have done a few push ups right before."

Check out the photos from the shoot in the next page and find out how you can get your hands on the sultry photo book.

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