Protesters Unleashed A Giant Chicken On Washington - Here Are 9 Other Bizarre Protests

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Tourists in Washington, D.C. got to see something very surprising while visiting the city's landmarks this week: a 23-foot-tall inflatable chicken with a golden comb-over.

The giant chicken was introduced in China last year as a way of celebrating the Year of the Rooster, but he quickly became the mascot last April's Tax March. Protesters are crying fowl over President Trump's unreleased tax forms, and the chicken is meant to let Trump know how they feel.

A shot from the news shows the chicken roosting behind the White House.DMR09 / Twitter

But it seems like the giant bird picked a bad time to visit his lookalike, since Trump flew the coop earlier this month for a vacation at one of his golf courses.

Giant chickens aren't the only creative way protesters have attracted attention. Here are 9 more bizarre ways they made their voices heard:

1. Follow the breadcrumbs

London's Trafalgar Square was famous for the many pigeons who flocked there every day, and it was a popular place for locals to feed the birds. But efforts to clean up the tourist hot-spot evicted the birds and their feed sellers.

You could be fined $650 for feeding the birds now.Daily Mail

To show their support for their feathered friends, protesters in pigeon suits blocked traffic around the square. It was an eye-catching display, but unfortunately the pigeon ban is still on the books. Still, Mary Poppins would be proud of their hard work.

2. Who wants pie?

You wouldn't expect plans to build a high speed train to become a hot-button issue, but Spanish politician Yolanda Barcina attracted a lot of anger from her citizens, including one who baked up a very unusual protest.

Barcina is hit with the pie.Que!

The protester surprised Barcina with a pie in the face to make his feelings about the project known. Four people involved in the pie plot were given jail time,  and Barcina pushed for harsher punishments because the French meringue pie she was hit with was unusually firm.

3. That's gotta hurt

To demonstrate how clear-cutting rainforests hurts us all, movie star Harrison Ford got creative in an ad for Conservation International, literally putting his body on the line for his cause.

Conservation is one of Ford's most important causes.NBC News

Ford had a strip of his chest hair waxed off to symbolize the organization's "lost there, felt here" slogan. Say what you will about Ford, but he's one star that's willing to put his money (or his chest hair) where his mouth is.

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