Psychic Cat Predicts Everything From The Super Bowl To The Election

They say you can't teach a cat any tricks, but one man's cat has learned a skill that puts "sit" or "roll over" to shame.

Cass the cat has become famous online for her predictions of political events and big sports games. Her owner, Dirk Copland, says he always knew there was something special about her. When Cass was just a kitten her whole litter got sick and Cass was the only one to survive.

As she grew up, Dirk noticed that while Cass was often nervous, she would calm down when he put sports on the TV. To test how much she'd learned from watching the games with him, he started filming Cass's predictions each week.

Cass has earned a reputation for making the right choice more often than not. Betting houses in Wales and even Thailand let their customers pick a winner based on her feelings.

But of course, even experts aren't right 100% of the time. Cass has made some big errors in the past year, including picking the wrong outcome for Brexit and choosing Hillary Clinton to win last year's US Election.

Dirk even says that people have sent him angry letters, complaining about money they lost after following his cat's advice.

Luckily, she skipped weighing in on the Oscars this year. It's unlikely anybody could have predicted that ending.

Even if you don't trust this cat and her "psychic" powers, it's fun to see how seriously some people take her decisions.

It shows that when it comes to these big events, nobody can ever really know what's going to happen!

The Collegian

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