Psychic Who Predicted Trump's Win Has Bad News For The Future


Psychic Who Predicted Trump's Win Has Bad News For The Future

Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova better known as Baba Vanga may no longer be alive but her troubling predictions about the future of our world lives in our minds.

Regarded as the "Nostradamus of the Balkans", the Bulgarian senior gained worldwide recognition after she prophesied a series of events across the globe including the 2004 tsunami, the 9/11 Twin Tower attacks, Obama and Trump's presidencies and the rise of ISIS.

Vanga was caught in a vicious tornado at the age of 12 and this caused her to lose her sight. She went missing for a few days following the storm and she experienced her first vision in that time. The blind clairvoyant started making predictions at the age of 16 and continued to do so until her death in 1996 at the age of 85.

In regards to the U.S, Vanga predicted that the country would experience an economic decline at the time Barack Obama would leave office. She added there would be a huge divide between the northern and southern states similar to the period of the American Civil War.

Check out the list of other predictions Vanga made for 2017 and beyond on the next page.

Before her passing, Vanga made some shocking revelations about the future including upcoming wars and the end of the Earth as we know it. She also assured everyone that her gift would be passed on to a 10-year-old girl from France who will continue to make predictions.

While we keep a lookout for the next mystic to emerge, here are some of her predictions that she made for 2017 and beyond to hold us over:

  • 2018: China will become the world's "superpower."
  • 2023: There will be changes in the Earth's orbit.
  • 2025: The population of Europe will disappear as a result of wars.
  • 2028: There will be an attempt to travel to other planets like Venus to find other sources of energy to Earth. Hunger will be eradicated.
  • 2033: Ocean levels will rise as a result of the polar ice caps melting.
  • 2076: Communism makes a comeback in Europe and the rest of the world. Muslim Rome rules.

  • 2084: The rebirth of nature.
  • 2088: New aging-related disease.
  • 2100: A new sun illuminates the dark side of the planet. This could be related to the 2008 artificial sun project using nuclear energy.
  • 2130: Extraterrestrial beings visit earth.
  • 2170: Global Drought.
  • 2187: Two large volcanoes erupt.
  • 2262: Mars is threatened by a comet.
  • 2480: Two artificial Suns collide and leave the Earth in total darkness.
  • 3005: A war on Mars.
  • 3010: A comet reaches the Moon, so the Earth is covered by a ring of rocks and ashes.
  • 3797: The Earth dies but mankind has advanced enough to move to a new solar system.
  • 5079: The universe will end.

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