Apparently You're A Psychopath If You Can Correctly Solve This Riddle

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The internet is filled with all sorts of tests, quizzes, zodiac analysis, riddles, and illusions that can supposedly reveal a lot about your true self. From what your favorite ice cream flavor says about your personality to how your zodiac sign can help you improve your relationship, there's something for everyone.

However, we've recently come across an interesting one that you've probably never seen before: a riddle that can allegedly reveal whether or not you're a psychopath.


That's right, apparently only those who think along the lines of a psychopath can correctly answer this brainteaser, and this doesn't necessarily mean that only those with homicidal tendencies will get this right.

According to Psychology Today, a small number of the population, about 1% to be exact, are psychopaths, and while they may not be dangerous or appear anti-social, they do lack conscience and empathy.

So without further ado, here's the riddle:

While at her own mother's funeral, a woman meets a guy she doesn't know. She thinks this guy is amazing — her dream man — and is pretty sure he could be the love of her life. However, she never asked for his name or number and afterwards could not find anyone who knows who he was. A few days later the girl kills her own sister. Question: Why did she do it?

Did you come up with an answer?

Now let's find out if you've got it right...

The answer is: The girl killed her sister in hoped that the guy will come to the funeral and she'll get to see him again.

Pretty messed up, isn't it?

Did you answer correctly? If yes, then you allegedly think like a psychopath. However, it's important to note that no one really knows where this riddle came from, and it is not a professionally approved method for detecting psychopathy in a person.


There's a 20-item checklist, known ad the Hare Psychopathy Checklist, that professionals use to diagnose the spectrum disorder.

So the claims surrounding this riddle may be a little far-fetched, and that you shouldn't take it too seriously.

But it does take a little bit of out-of-the-box and slightly twisted thinking to solve it correctly.

How well did you do? Let us know in the comments!

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