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Woman Turns A Public Restroom Into A Home, And The End Result Is Incredible

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When most people want to start a DIY project, the first thing they think of is what they can do with the things they already have in their home.

Laura Clark, a young architect from London, had bigger plans.

She created a modern, cozy flat from an abandoned public restroom.

Not many people would see this as an opportunity to build something great, but she did!

It took her years to get permission to purchase the underground lot, and when she finally did, she amazed the world.

The flat is only 600 square feet, but it's delightful on the inside. It even has a gorgeous backyard!

What The Place Looked Like Before

The entrance was looted with garbage, and likely filled with bugs and rodents.

The public restroom was also covered with grime and rust.

It's hard to see potential here, but what I like about this place are the bright ceiling windows.

After seeing these before images, it's hard to believe that this public restroom could be turned upside down.

The end result, however, is astonishing! Are you ready to be wowed?


You can already tell from the entrance how much has changed.

The gate is replaced with metal that match the handrails. The walls have been painted.

What's interesting is that Laura decided to maintain the previous entrance aesthetic, which, to be fair, wasn't that bad to begin with.

Living Room

The living room area appears to be quite spacious. It fits a table alongside the wall, a coffee table, a couch, and there's still room to spare!


I love that right above the kitchen there's a ceiling window, adding a lot of warmth to the home.

For a one bedroom flat, this kitchen is the perfect size!


This bedroom appears quite small, but what more would you need?

This room fits a bed and has a spacious closet, which is what a bedroom is intended for.


This bathroom gives a sensation of warmth that is perfect for when you want to take a relaxing bubble bath!


I'm a big sucker for adorable backyards, and this one has to be my favorite!

The European backyard aesthetic is super cozy, even though it's a tight space.

Would you live here?

[H/T: Apartment Therapy]

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