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Security Guard Discovers Sick Puppy Abandoned In A Box, But He Stops At Nothing To Help Him Live

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Trooper Puppy / Facebook

** Warning: Readers may find some photos upsetting **

When he was discovered by a security guard, little Trooper was in pretty bad shape. Someone had left the little brown puppy to die in a parking lot

The security guard happened to notice the pup as he was doing his rounds. When he got closer, he saw a small puppy who seemed to be having a seizure. He immediately scooped him up and rushed the distressed pup inside.

He posted his heartbreaking discovery on a community page for the San Fernando Valley, California Facebook page.

Luckily, another rescuer had been awake and saw the post. She immediately contacted the security guard on Facebook and offered to take the pup to an emergency vet.

But the security guard and the puppy weren't IN California - they were actually in Mexicali Mexico. That was nearly four hours away!

Once they realized that it would take more than two people to rescue the little puppy, the Los Angeles rescuer, reached out to her contacts in Tijuana, Mexico. Another rescuer, local to the Rosarito area, jumped in her car at midnight and drove for 3 hours to where the injured puppy waited with the security guard.

It took a village to rescue little Trooper, find out how they did it on the next page!

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