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2-Month-Old Puppy Was Stranded All Alone On An Island, But His Rescue Wasn't As Easy As They Hoped

Animal Control was sent on crazy mission after a homeless man's dog managed to get trapped on an island. The 2-month-old Chihuahua-Corgi mix had been stuck on an island in the middle of a river for over a week, but he wasn't making it easy for them to help him.

Blondie was on the island with his owner, John Gordon, when the water started to rise up. Gordon tried to call the pup to get him to come with him back to land, but the puppy wouldn't listen. Gordon was forced off the island, but he had no way to get back to go get his puppy.

Dylan Darling/The Register-Guard

Authorities were called to the scene when one of Gordon's friends was reported to have been floating across the river on an inflatable air mattress in an attempt to get the puppy. Firefighters were able to get the man off the island, but Blondie was not being cooperative.

Dylan Darling/The Register-Guard

Gordon understood why his puppy was scared, as there was a full team of people chasing him down. Gordon said "I'd be running too." But the problem was, Blondie needed to stop running if they were ever going to catch him! But luckily, Blondie's rescuers weren't about to give up...

The Animal Control officer, Brian Austin, said "That [puppy] moved around the island better than we can." They were having an impossible time trying to grab him, but eventually they managed to get the puppy, but he didn't go quietly.

"I thought we caught the wrong thing at first," fire department Captain Riley Martinka said. He yelped and shrieked at his rescuers, not realizing that they were only there to help. Even though he was being fussy, they wrapped him up in a towel and brought him back across the river, finally safe from the danger.

Dylan Darling/The Register-Guard

Officer Austin plans to reunite Blondie with Gordon, after confirming that he would be able to care for the dog. Gordon is currently staying at a friend's house and apparently has two other puppies who were from the same litter as Blondie, so they need to make sure that he can actually handle another dog.

Dylan Darling/The Register-Guard

Apparently the island that Blondie was stranded on is a common campground for homeless people in the area, but as the seasons change the water levels rise up too high. "Then all of a sudden a nice easy trip from the mainland out to the island becomes pretty treacherous as the water level comes up and the force of the water increases exponentially,” Captain Ben Meigs of the Fire Battalion said.

Dylan Darling/The Register-Guard

At least little Blondie is safe now, and they will hopefully workout his living situation!

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