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A Stray Cat Is The Prime Suspect In The Attempted Murder Of A Woman

Bored Panda

Most people have not had positive experiences with stray cats who are, most likely, afraid of humans. They hiss and reveal their sharp claws, meaning they want you out of their sight.

When an 82-year-old bedridden woman from Japan was found gravely injured in her home, her daughter was mortified to see all the blood gushing from her face.

Mayuko Matsumoto was rushed to hospital and was reported by local media to be unable to speak.

Investigators found that no one entered or exited the house at the time of the attack, so they launched an attempted murder case after having trouble determining who could have caused those injuries to the woman's face.

"When we found her, blood covered everything above her chin. Her face was soaked in blood. I didn't know what had happened," Matsumoto's daughter told a local broadcaster.

Cats have retractable claws that helps them stalk their prey in silence before they attack.Catster

Upon further examining the deep cuts, police began suspecting the stray cats that lurked in the neighborhood, and found traces of what they think to be human blood on one of the felines.

"Police are analyzing a blood sample taken from the claw of the cat which might have scratched the victim," a national broadcaster reported.

Police have declined to divulge further details from the case, but told investigators they are not disputing what's so far been reported by the media.

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