Police Are Warning Women To Watch Out For Purse Snatchers At Gas Stations

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The weather is getting a little warmer every day, which means more people will be out and about. As the streets get crowded, there's more of a chance that your belongings can be stolen in an instant.

Last summer, a friend of mine had her shoulder bag cut while we were walking down a busy street. It happened in just one second, and we didn't notice until a few minutes later. That's how good some of these thieves are!

A few years ago, police warned about a new trend that's affecting women across the country, and they are still continuing to warn women to stay vigilant.

Here's what happens

While you're pumping gas at the gas station or when you're going inside the store to pay the bill, a car will pull beside yours. Someone will quickly get out of the passenger seat, but instead of pumping gas, they will open your car door and snatch your purse, or anything else they see of value.

These people are referred to as "sliders" because they crouch down low and immediately grab whatever they can.

"Generally, women are the victims because of the pocketbook, because it's an easy target. It has a strap, you can just reach in and grab it," retired NYPD Detective Joe Giacalone told CBS News.

Here's what you can do to protect your belongings:

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