If You Can Solve This Puzzle, You Can Probably Survive The End Of The World

Clint Emerson/Popular Mechanics

Brain teasers are often a fun way to challenge your brain and give it the exercise it needs to remain sharp as you get older.

But not only do these puzzles help improve your memory, they can also be used to hone your analysis and observation skills, both of which can be very useful in various instances.

Retired Navy SEAL Clint Emerson recently released his latest book Deadly Skills Puzzle & Activity Book, containing 181 puzzles and games that you've never encountered before, but could help you survive the most extreme situations.

Emerson created the puzzles not so much for entertainment, but for military personnel and veterans, especially those among them who suffer from PTSD and brain injuries.

Each brain teaser is designed using real-world scenarios to serve "as a tool for coping, recovery, and overall enhancement of brain health," but even then, these games can benefit us all in different ways.

Although you'll have to purchase the book to get access to all of the puzzles, there's one that has been shared by Popular Mechanics that you can try solving.

Brain teaser
Cint Emerson/Popular Mechanics

Here's what you need to know to solve this puzzle:

  • Each of the 10 trees have a tent above, beside, or below them.
  • The numbers tell you how many tents are in each of the rows and columns.
  • No tent can be in a square that touches another tent, not even diagonally.

Were you able to find all the tents?

If you did find all 10 of the tents without help then you're apparently ready to face any situation, including the apocalypse.

If you're still struggling to locate them all, you can see the finished puzzle below:

This mind-bending puzzle is a lot harder than it looks, so don't beat yourself up if you couldn't solve it.

Your brain just needs a little more practice so it can easily respond to these types of challenges. If you're interested in more puzzles like this, Emerson's book is available on Amazon.

[H/T: Popular Mechanics]

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