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Quadruple-Amputee Golden Retriever Is Now The Internet's Most Loved Therapy Dog


A female golden retriever, with legs bound by cutting wires, was left in a trash bag outside a meat market early last year.

After she was found by a rescue group, it was decided that she'd be euthanized, considering the damage done to her legs.

Chi Chi's Stand - A Survival Story (YouTube)YouTube

However, rescuers were surprised by the dog's positive spirit, so they ended up amputating all four of her legs in order to save her life.

Chi Chi, now three-years-old, lives with her owner Elizabeth Howell and Howell's husband and daughter in Phoenix, Arizona.

Once she recovered and received special prosthetic legs, Chi Chi began to make a difference in her community.

Although Chi Chi was traumatically abused, making her hesitant to interact with people at first, she was able to overcome that fear and transform into an important member of her community.

According to the Washington Post, Chi Chi recently finished a therapy dog training course and now visits an assisted-living facility, a veterans center, and special-needs students at an elementary school.

"I can’t tell you how many people meet her and just start crying," owner Elizabeth Howell told The Washington Post.  

Chi Chi's online fan-base continues to grow. She now has more than 35,000 followers on her Facebook account.

Howell said she hopes Chi Chi will evoke a sense of compassion in people, especially in children.

“Dogs aren’t judging. They love everyone the same. Somehow dogs can just reach a person in ways humans can’t. Is that compassion? Understanding? I don't know."

Watch the YouTube video showing Chi Chi's journey!

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