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Queen Elizabeth Reveals The "Horrible" Journey To Her Coronation

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If you heard someone say how hard it is being a royal, your first reaction might be to scoff. I mean, you would think that the most blessed people in the world right now are the members of the British monarchy.

They get to live in a big palace, hang out with famous celebrities, see all sorts of movies for free before anyone else, and generally look stylish.

But you may be surprised to hear that it isn't all fun and games to be at the head of one of the largest superpowers in the world. In fact, when you think about it, there's a lot of responsibility that goes into representing a country of over 50 million people.

Not only that, but all those public engagements include the ones that are hard to get through.

You don't often hear members of the royal family complain about their duties, which is why it was so strange for the Queen to reveal parts of her coronation that she found difficult to deal with.

When Elizabeth was born she was not expected to rise to the throne. Her uncle Edward, the Prince of Wales was young and next in line for the rule of the country. However, when he decided to marry divorcee Wallis Simpson, he sparked a constitutional crisis and abdicated the throne in order to bring peace to the government.

Her father, the Duke of York, now King George VI, reigned for just over 15 years until his death. Since he never fathered a son, Elizabeth was his heir presumption, and a year later was sworn in as Queen.

Her childhood involved active studying, as well as working with the army as a driver and mechanic, eventually attaining the rank of junior commander at age 20.

Through the years, Elizabeth learnt how to handle herself in public as a member of the royal family, but also as a normal person.

When the Second World War in Europe ended, Elizabeth and her sister Margaret asked their parents if they could go and celebrate with the crowds of people.

"I remember lines of unknown people linking arms and walking down Whitehall, all of us just swept along on a tide of happiness and relief," said Elizabeth.

But all this experience didn't mean that she was prepared for everything that her coronation would hand to her.

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