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Queen Elizabeth Owns A McDonald's And Of Course It's Fancier Than All The Rest

Apparently even the royal family loves fast food! The Queen of England owns a McDonald's and it's not just like any other fast food restaurant. The McDonald's is located right outside of London at the Banbury Gateway Shopping Park.

The franchise is owned by the Crown Estate so any and all profits go to the Treasury, but it has been changed to fit more of the royal tastes. It is the fanciest McDonald's you could possibly go to!

You might think that McDonald's isn't the best fit for the royal family, but in the United Kingdom McDonald's has a modified menu that includes a few more interesting options. The facility itself is also top of the line.

What kinds of things can you eat there?

At the Queen's McDonald's you can enjoy a "proper English breakfast", which includes bacon rolls, hash browns and tea. While the Queen normally sticks with toast or cereal, if she ever were going to turn up in the McDonald's she owns she could at least have a cup of tea.

The food isn't the only fancy thing about it. There is also quite a few amenities that other McDonald's locations aren't equipped with. There is free WiFi in the building, which seems pretty normal these days, but each table is also equipped with a Samsung tablet to use.

There are also stations to charge your cell phone, digital menus, and the ordering kiosks if you didn't want to talk to the staff. The one thing that is different than any other McDonald's is that they offer table services, so you could get your Big Mac and McNuggets brought right to your seat!

So if you ever head out to England make sure you stop at the Queen's McDonald's and see just how fancy it really is!