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The Queen Marked The New Year By Giving Awards, Knighthoods, To Some Famous Faces

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The Telegraph

Queen Elizabeth II has two occasions each year where she bestows honors on behalf of the British Empire: one on New Years, and the other on her birthday in June.

The Royal Family

These honors are drawn up by the government, approved by the Queen herself, and separated into five categories: Member (MBE), Officer (OBE), Commander (CBE), Knight/Dame Commander (KBE/DBE), and Knight/Dame Grand Cross (GBE). Each one is meant to be in recognition of the recipient's services to the Empire in some way, including authors, academics, politicians and athletes, and in the past year, over 1,100 people were given some kind of recognition.


Of course, the list tends to include some pretty big names, and New Years 2018's was no exception. Read on to see some of the people who will soon be receiving a ceremony in their honor at Buckingham Palace!

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