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Meet The Queen Of Terrible Robots Who May Be The Evil Genius We All Need

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In a world where many women have been making huge strides in their careers, engineering has always been a difficult place for females to find work. That's why Simone Giertz is such an inspiration, as she has not only made it her goal to create new forms of robotics, she has made science cool to a lot of young girls!

With a background in communications, Simone has had an interest in efficiency and having her lifestyle match her work. So her first step into the world of robotics meant building tools that made her day a little easier.

She tried out a few projects, but quickly found that it was the over-the-top robots that were really fun to make. She posted a few videos and everyone who watched found it hilarious. It seemed she had a following!

Simone decided to start coming up with more and more creative builds, that supposedly would help with everyday life. The idea was that if they were to serve a simple task, the robots should be simple too, right?

Wrong. It's super funny to see the robots try and complete even easy tasks like cutting up vegetables, and Simone's calm face makes it all the funnier!

Let's take a look at her "best" creations!

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