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The Queen Uses A Secret Code To Talk To Her Security, And It All Centers Around Her Purse

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The Telegraph

One vital accessory for a royal lady has been put to good use.

Her famous Launer handbags have been with the Queen since the late '60s, and she's used that for decades to secretly communicate with her staff.

Royal biographer Hugo Vickers, and other people who have watched her closely, believe that when the Queen shifts her bag from one hand to the other it means she wants to end a conversation.

If she places her bag on a table at events, it means she's ready to leave. Some believe that when she twists her wedding ring, it means she is ready to end the conversation and move on to someone else.

The bag serves more than just sending secret signals, it also has a portable hook, allowing the Queen to hang it underneath tables.

Did you guess correctly how the Queen of England secretly communicates with her staff? Let us know!

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