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10 Times It Literally Rained Animals That Will Make You Immediately Check The Forecast

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It's all too easy to complain whenever it's a rainy day outside, but hey, it could always be worse; at least our rain doesn't tend to have pointy teeth (or, y'know, doesn't tend to be ALIVE). That's right; there's been more than a few documented cases in history where animals have literally rained from the sky!

It all started one day in 1857, when a rain of lizards fell on Montreal, Canada

Reptile Gardens

Not to be outdone, South Carolina had a rain of ALLIGATORS in 1877

Florida Memory

Apparently 1877 was the year of animal rain, because a rain of snakes happened in Memphis, Tennessee

NY Times

In 1894, the city of Bath, England traded baths for a shower... of jellyfish!

Daily Express

It only gets weirder from here folks...

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