Raising Daughters Is The Hardest Thing A Man Can Do, Trust Me

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Growing up I never wanted kids. I wanted to have the freedom to do what I wanted because I saw how much work I was for my parents. Plus, I didn't know what kind of dad I could possibly be. Now I am 30 and life didn't exactly play out the way I had expected it to.

When I tell people that I have four kids, they usually tell me that I am crazy and then wish me luck. When I further explain that I have four daughters, people just start laughing. I am a large stereotypical "scary dad"; 6'4", 225lbs and covered from head to toe in tattoos, but when it comes to my girls I am powerless, and that just makes people laugh harder.

I won't lie, I always wanted a son. And it was that want of a son that persuaded my wife and I to keep trying, but after four daughters, I think it's time to retire. I mean, I didn't know the first thing about little girls, I didn't know how I would relate to them, or how to encourage them to enjoy the things I loved. It's not like they will be lining up to put on a football helmet anytime soon. Though I may be trying to put the idea in their heads.

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