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Rare Baby 'Cyclops' Goat Miraculously Survives, Despite Grim Odds

A baby goat was born with a condition so rare, experts gave him only days to survive.

On May 10, a baby goat was born in Assam, India, with a single enormous eye smack-dab in the center of its face. The genetic condition causing his strange mutation is called cyclopia, and it is often accompanied by several other physical deformities.

The tiny goat's condition affects the development of his brain, eyes, skull, nose and mouth.

In the womb, the baby goat's brain failed to separate into two hemispheres, which caused a ripple effect throughout the head's physical development.

He was born with one single eye socket, no eyelashes, no eyelid, one year, a severely shortened jaw, and an underdeveloped nose.

Although genetics are the most common reason behind cyclopia, toxins eaten by the mother during pregnancy can also cause the deformity.

Local veterinarians aren't sure what exactly caused this kid's cyclopia, but they took one look at the little goat and predicted that it would die within a few days. Miraculously, 8 days later, it's still alive under the care of Mukhuri Das, its owner.

"I believe this goat will bring luck to my home," Das said.

[h/t National Geographic]