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Record Your Baby's First Moments with this Easy DIY

This is the perfect way to preserve and display your baby's first moments! Instead of keeping these precious little memories tucked away in storage, why not make them part of your decor? Pin ultrasound photos, ID bracelets, baby's first photos, onesies and hats to your shadow box for a priceless way to remember your little one's first moments of life.


  • Shadow Box
  • Various baby keepsakes (footprints, initials, ultrasound photos, onesie, baby's first photos, ID bracelet, etc.)
  • Hot glue
  • Various ribbons, bows, flowers for decoration
  • Push-pins


  1. Pin or glue your various decorations and keepsakes to the inside of the shadow box.
  2. Let glue dry and place in frame. Your shadow box is now ready to display!

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