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Red Lobster Gets Their Seafood From A Popular Television Show

Global Daily News / Discovery Channel

Do you ever dine out and wonder where the food you're eating comes from?

In all honesty, I pay more attention to the quality of food and service more than where the ingredients are sourced from, but that doesn't mean that I don't appreciate it when restaurants reveal their suppliers.

Red Lobster has recently decided to do just that for their loyal customers, and one of their revelations has left a lot of people surprised.

Red Lobster

The 50-year-old chain's popular Crabfest promotion is back this month, and they're making it extra special by "celebrating the fishing boats and crews that help supply crab to its restaurants."

Red Lobster confirmed that all the crab they serve "is wild-caught and traceable, sustainable and responsibly-sourced by suppliers who understand the importance of maintaining healthy crab populations, now and for generations."

They also shared a list of their suppliers, which includes Captains Josh Harris and Casey McManus of the Cornelia Marie. If these names don't sound familiar, perhaps you'll recognize the hit television show in which they're featured on: Deadliest Catch.

"Red Lobster's been working with suppliers in Alaska for many, many years. I'm very proud of the high quality crab Josh and Casey of the Cornelia Marie bring to Red Lobster," said Skip Frisz, the restaurant's Director of Procurement.

That's right! If you've frequented Red Lobster recently, chances are you ate crab that's been caught by the stars of the Discovery Channel show.

It's nice to know that after all the stress and life-threatening situations the captains and their crew face while at sea isn't just for the cameras. Knowing just how much hard work goes into catching crabs makes you appreciate it even more when it's on your plate.

The restaurant is also honoring its fishermen by creating a special Crabfest cocktail called Rogue Wave. The blue tequila-based drink is served in a glass stamped with "Deadliest Catch."

Crabfest will also feature other tasty treats like the classic fan-favorite Crab Lover's Dream, Crab Linguini Alfredo, as well as other specials like crab-topped stuffed shrimp and salmon, and crab-topped tilapia.

While Red Lobster only recently announced its partnership with Deadliest Catch, Delish reports that they have been working together for the last three years.

Are you a fan of Red Lobster or Deadliest Catch? Let us know how you feel about this news.

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