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Redheads Have A Genetic Superpower We All Wish We Had

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In the 1886 book Le Parfum de la Femme, Dr. Augustin Galopin reported that red-headed woman "emit a particularly distinct aroma" that is like an earthy and sensual scent. Science later proved that the acidic film on the surface of redheads are stronger, which causes perfume to evaporate quicker and emit a unique smell.

Erin La Rosa's book, The Big Redhead Book, lists some other intriguing facts about the "superpowers" of redheads.

1.  They don't require as much Vitamin D as we do.

Redheads are able to create their own Vitamin D, which decreases their chances of getting ailments like rickets, diabetes, and arthritis.

2. They handle pain better.

A 2003 McGill University study showed that red-headed women can tolerate up to 25 per cent more pain than people with other hair colors.

3. They feel temperatures better than we do.

The redhead gene allows them to feel more sensitive to changes in temperature. This best part about this is that they can better prepare for the weather. They're like a trusty weather man or weather woman.  

4. Redheads are more popular.

It's easy to spot a fake redhead because red dye fades faster than other colors. So this 2% of the population is a hot commodity. Interestingly, someone figured out that CBS showcased a redheaded individual every 106 seconds!

Also, redheads are seen as funnier. The iconic red-haired clown made us laugh since we were kids, so we naturally associate "gingers" with comedy, according to one professor who teaches the history of comedy.

Are you a redhead, or do you wish you were? Let us know!

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