20 Plants You Can Easily Regrow At Home

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20 Plants You Can Easily Regrow At Home

I've lived in a city all my life, but I always like to have a patch of green all to myself.

Keeping a garden has so many benefits: it's relaxing, it's an excuse to get out of the house, and best of all you save money by growing your own produce.

Now that gardening isn't as popular as it once was, people are happy to buy fruits and veggies from the store, and waste plenty of useful scraps.

Herb garden
Growing veggies from kitchen scraps is fun and frugal.Pixabay

I bet you never even realized that your kitchen leftovers can be recycled into fresh produce.

In fact a lot of plants can be regrown right on your kitchen counter.

1. Basil

Basil is one of the easiest plants to regrow, because you can get a reliable, endless supply of this herb from just one plant.

Cuttings of basil will grow in a container with water, and can be transferred to a pot when they sprout roots.

2. Onions

There are a few handy methods for growing onions from leftovers. The root end of an onion will grow new, whole vegetables when it's planted in the soil.

But onions can also be grown in bunches on your windowsill using a recycled water bottle.

3. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes take a little extra effort to grow, because they sprout from "slips," slim, green shoots that grow on the potatoes.

But if you know how to cultivate them, you can get dozens of slips from just half a potato, and save a lot of money.

4. Ginger

This spice is easy to grow at home, but takes a little patience.

Just bury the roots in soil and watch them sprout. It can take a year for new roots to be ready for harvest, but the plant itself is very hearty.

5. Pineapple

If you have a few years to spare and the right climate, it's easy to grow your own pineapples from just a leftover crown.

6. Rosemary

Like other herbs, rosemary can be regrown from cuttings.

The cuttings will need to be trimmed, and rosemary is particular about the kind of soil it likes, but the time you invest will repay itself in garden fresh herbs.

7. Potatoes

You can grow multiple potatoes from just one spud by cutting or peeling off the eyes.

Bury them under a few inches of soil and add more as they grow. With very little attention they'll sprout new spuds - which you can recycle again.

8. Tomatoes

With a few tomato seeds and some seed starting potting soil you can grow enough plump, red fruit to make your own pasta sauce.

Replant them from pots to the garden as they grow, making sure they stay warm and get plenty of water.

9. Turnips

Save your spare turnip tops from the compost bin and put them to good use.

Leave them in a container with a little water for about four days. When they sprout a leafy top and roots, move them outdoors.

10. Garlic

Keep your garlic cloves, even if they've started sprouting.

You can store them in a glass of water to grow garlic sprouts, which are the perfect garnish for so many dishes.

11. Cabbage

Save the bottom from a head of cabbage in a container with a little water.

If you leave the cabbage in a sunny spot, you can harvest new leaves every few days, or plant it when roots start to grow.

The same technique works just as well for lemongrass, bok choy, and leeks.

12. Scallions (Green Onions)

You can grow a steady supply of these herbs with a very small footprint.

They'll sprout in just a shot glass with a little water, and grow back fully in less than a week.

13. Lettuce

Like cabbage, lettuce only needs a spot by the window and a little water in its container to sprout new leaves.

Romaine is the best variety for home growing - new leaves will sprout up very quickly.

14. Carrots

Save carrot tops and let them sit in a container with shallow water. Soon, they'll sprout flavorful carrot greens from the top.

Tops that sprout roots can also be planted to grow new carrots.

15. Celery

Another vegetable that will regrow itself with very little attention.

Just add water to a celery bottom in a container and watch as it sprouts into a whole new plant on your windowsill.

16. Avocado

Here's a challenge for only the most ambitious gardeners.

All you need is a pit to grow a whole new avocado tree, but don't expect your first harvest for at least five years.

17. Mint

Mint cuttings will sprout in water, and can be transferred into soil after a few days or harvested regularly.

18. Lemons

It's easy to grow your own lemon tree from seeds, but make sure you're buying organic lemons, or else the seed may not sprout.

It will require more sun and attention than other entries on this list, but fresh lemonade from your garden is worth the trouble.

19. Mushrooms

You can regrow store-bought mushrooms from stems and stalks, but I'll admit it's not easy.

Mushrooms need a warm, humid environment to grow in, and special bedding.

Be prepared for frustration and disappointment from your first few attempts.

20.  Peppers

Whether you want to grow bell peppers or more spicy varieties, most will happily grow in a sunny part of your kitchen.

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