The Girl From "Child of Rage" Has Done A Complete 180

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The Girl From "Child of Rage" Has Done A Complete 180

How many of you remember Beth Thomas?

She made headlines in the '90s after a documentary called "Child of Rage" aired, showcasing her psychotic tendencies...all at the age of 6.

If you don't remember her, that's okay too. Let's dive right in and find out more about the life of Beth Thomas.

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Adoption and Home Life

Beth was just 6 years old when she was adopted by the Thomas family. Welcoming her into their home, the Thomases could only hope that also adopting Beth's baby brother Jonathan would make the transition a lot smoother for the kids.

As time went on, Beth's parents began to notice unsettling behavior in their new daughter. She killed an entire nest of baby birds which was extremely alarming, but it's when Beth began attacked her own brother that her parents knew something was wrong.

The tipping point for the Thomas family was when Beth took Jonathan's face and smashed it repeatedly into the concrete floor...all with an innocent look on her face.

Beth began getting locked in her room every night so she couldn't harm anyone else in the family.


First To Know

The Thomas' knew something had to be done about Beth's behavior, so they contacted the adoption agency asking about her past. Because of confidentiality laws, they were unable to receive any information regarding her birth parents or history.

Beth was taken to a child psychologist, where it became more and more clear that she was not okay. She would apologize for her actions and understand that she was wrong, but then confessed to be planning to murder her parents with stolen knives from the kitchen.

The sessions with her psychologist were recorded and aired in the documentary Child of Rage.

So how did they deal with Beth's behavior?

Abuse and Treatment

In her therapy sessions, Beth revealed something extremely troubling: she was physically and sexually abused by her birth parents and family. Beth was diagnosed with what's known as "reactive attachment disorder" which provided her with an inability to form human connections or develop proper social reactions.

Beth's condition was so bad she had to be removed from the home and given intense behavior modification treatment, which included a strict regiment of rules. She began to show remorse for her actions and learned how to empathize with others.

Beth Thomas Now

Choice and Truth

Beth Thomas endured years of therapy, but she grew in to a mentally healthy adult. She completed a degree in nursing and now helps other children who suffer from the same medical condition she did. Her mother, Nancy Thomas, opened a clinic for children with severe behavior disturbances in the hopes of helping them heal like Beth did.

Beth Thomas, now a registered nurse.Nancy Thomas Parenting

You can watch the entire Child of Rage documentary here.

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