Sophia Grace and Rosie Were Viral Stars, But Now You Could Pass Them On The Street And Not Notice

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Six years ago, two internet stars charmed the world when their cover of a Nicki Minaj song uploaded to YouTube went viral. The video received over 52 million views.  

Sophia Grace and her cousin Rosie McClelland, who were only 8 and 5-years-old at the time, were invited on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to perform in front of the live studio audience. Ellen also had Minaj on the show to surprise the girls. The duo won the host's heart and went on to make regular appearances on the show.

It wasn't long before the pint-sized stars became overnight household names. They interviewed celebrities at red carpet events, guest starred on shows like Sam & Cat alongside Ariana Grande, and released their first children's book titled Tea Time With Sophia Grace and Rosie.

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Sophia Grace, an aspiring pop star, even won the role of Little Red Riding Hood in the Disney adaptation of Into the Woods, but unfortunately her parents had to pull her out from the project because some of the film's themes were too mature for a kid her age.

But, not all hope was lost. The girls had so many exciting projects to look forward to.

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