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5 Tools To Remove Pilling From Your Clothing That You Already Have In Your House

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Every winter, we all pull out our favorite sweaters in preparation of the cold temperatures, but we always get disappointed when we see how worn down they've gotten.

Pilling is probably the biggest cause of this, as it shows how much it's been worn and washed, and no matter how nice a sweater is, pilling makes it look kind of dingy.

While they make those little machines that shave down the pilling, not everyone owns one. If you need to remove the pilling on your favorite sweater without having to run out to buy one, there are a few options you probably have in your house already that'll remove the pilling no problem!


Sandpaper is simple hack that some people swear by. Most of us have at least a small piece of sandpaper tucked into our tool kits, and all you have to do is gentle rub it in one direction and it'll pull all of the pills off of the fabric.

It's a fast and easy way to make your sweaters look like new again, just make sure you are gentle at first until you know how the fabric handles the gritty paper.

Pumice Stone

Those gritty pumice stones you use on your calluses can actually remove pilling as well. Just rub the stone over the fabric and it'll loosen up the pills enough that a regular lint roller will pull them all off.

Disposable Razors

A disposable razor is often the easiest way to clean up the pilling in a hurry. It'll scrape off the pills without tearing through the fabric as long as you're gentle. A lot of the time it can actually be more effective than those battery powered machines designed for getting the pills off of your clothes, so save yourself the extra money.

Scrubbing Sponge

Those scrubbing sponges that you use on your tough to clean dishes can also be used to get the pills off of your clothes. The abrasive side will help scrub off the pilling easily.

Velcro Hair Rollers

Velcro hair rollers are much more gentle than a strip of Velcro, so they work well when it comes to removing pilling from sweaters. Just roll it over the pills on a flat surface, and it will pick up the pills for you.  

Always make sure you test out the method you're using on a less visible part of the garment before you use it too much, but give these a try and hopefully your clothes will look as good as new in no time!

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