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Rescue Dog Was Afraid Of Everyone, But Her "Baby Brother" Taught Her To Love Again

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Adopting and raising a rescue dog is one of the kindest things you can do, but it has its challenges.

Nora the English Pointer was abused by her former owners.Elizabeth Spence / Instagram

No matter how much love you give them, your pet has formed impressions based on their past owners. That usually means they're not as friendly as they would be if you raised them since they were a puppy. But the best owners find ways to overcome their pet's mistreatment and welcome them into the family.

Nora was afraid of people, including Spence's two older children.Elizabeth Spence / Instagram

Elizabeth Spence had to get creative after adopting her English Pointer Nora. The 8-year-old dog started her life with abusive owners, and that left her "afraid of almost everything," according to Spence. No one in her family could get Nora to relax and open up, until her son Archie was born.

Nora doesn't seem to get anxious or afraid around Archie like she does with other humans. In fact, since she's gotten to know her "baby brother," this dog has slowly transformed, stepping out of her shell and really joining her new family.

And Spence's photos of the pair show why Nora feels so happy: these two have an incredible bond...

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