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Rescued Deer Fawn Refuses To Leave His Savior's Arms

It's not exactly an uncommon sight to see city workers helping to save animals. There's always the stereotypical scenario where a firefighter shows up with a ladder to save a cat stuck in a tree, but even aside from cliches, there have been a number of times when public servants have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help our little furry friends.


Whether it's a police officer rescuing a raccoon that's found itself hilariously stuck somewhere, a veteran adopting the combat service dog that they worked alongside overseas, or people braving horrific hurricane flooding to save animals tied up by negligent owners, rescue stories of critters of all shapes and sizes warm our hearts like pretty much nothing else.


So, it should be especially heartwarming to see a group of power-line technicians rescuing a baby deer, but what puts this one over the top is the deer's reaction to his saviors.

A group of linemen were working on a series of power lines when they noticed something troubling: a baby deer had been caught in a series of thorn bushes and looked very distressed. Worst of all, the little Bambi lookalike was in the path of a tree they needed to knock down.


Fortunately, the workers were able to save the little creature from the bushes, but the poor thing was still shaken up and distressed by the experience. One of its rescuers had the idea to pick him up and rub its belly to calm it down, which turned out to work almost a bit too well; the deer enjoyed it so much it squawked and complained whenever it was almost put down!

Thankfully the workers were eventually able to put it down, at which point it apparently followed them around "like a lost puppy" for about an hour. The workers then saw a doe watching from a nearby hillside, carried the baby to her, and then both animals left.

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