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Rescuers Refused To Give Up On 'Broken' Kitten, When She Moves For The First Time - Everyone Cries

Little Chloe was just six weeks old when her human parents adopted her. No one knows exactly what happened to her before that, but they know it must have been traumatic.

Her tiny back legs were paralyzed from suspected abuse - her back had been broken some time before.

The veterinarians took one look at the damage done to her and were absolutely certain that she would never walk again. But this brave kitten and her new human parents believed differently.

Hanna Shaw, also known as Kitten X Lady on Instagram shared her story with followers. Although she had originally gone to the shelter for a different 2 week old orphan, she ended up bringing little Chloe home too!

"Tonight we rescued a kitten with rear leg paralysis from suspected abuse. She is so sweet and so vulnerable; we absolutely could not say no to her," wrote Shaw.

"I don't yet know what will happen, but I do know this: now that she's here, no one will ever lay a cruel hand on her again. She will be loved, she will be fluffy and clean, and she will be given the best chance I can give her at regaining mobility."

Little Chloe had a long road ahead of her, but that wasn't about to stop her new human mom and dad from doing everything they could to make it easier for her.

It was clear that from the moment they laid eyes on the sweet, helpless kitten they fell in love with her.

They vowed to dedicate whatever time and resources they could to little Chloe's recovery.

Her dedicated parents decided to sign little Chloe up for acupuncture and electroacupuncture and the results were amazing!

As the technician applied the tiny needles, little Chloe's legs and tail began to move! Miraculously, she even stood up. Although this is an incredible victory for Chloe, it is a small achievement on a long road to gaining full mobility.

Not long after that video was posted, this little princess developed mobility in her knees! Watch below as she slowly begins to 'walk' forward for the first time:

Chloe would like to dedicate her newfound knee mobility to everyone who told her she would never move her legs again. She's amazing and she ain't giving up. #gochloego #teamchloe #kittenlady

Posted by Kitten Lady on lunes, 29 de mayo de 2017