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Rescuers Shocked When They Discover Tiny Old Cat Under 5 Pounds Of Matted Fur

It has been years since an Sinbad could walk comfortably, but after rescuers lifted the weight of years of extreme neglect, he was finally free.

In December, a 9-year-old Persian was discovered in the basement of the Illinois home of an elderly man. Sadly, Sinbad's owner was unable to provide care for the specific grooming needs of a Persian cat.

For years, Sinbad's fur grew wildly out of control until the matted mess became too much to manage.

Luckily, his owner agreed to surrender him to anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago where rescuers carefully took to the daunting task of trimming away five pounds of thick, dirty hair that trapped the sweet boy.

Josie Niebling

Collette Bradley, Anti-Cruelty Soceity public relations manage, spoke with The Dodo about Sinbad's ordeal.

"It took two sittings. The first took several hours and the second sitting took about 2 hours," she said.  "He got tired after a while, but throughout the whole process came up to the people in the room looking for pets,"

The gentle boy wasn't quite used to having all of this newfound mobility. According to Bradley, it took him a bit of time to relearn how to walk on his back legs, and he was still sensitive to touch.

Even though his skin was still tender, he looked for loving from anyone who would give it to him.

The happy news is that sweet Sinbad didn't have to look too far - or for too long!

Elliott Serrano agreed to foster the brave boy until he could find a forever home. But as soon as the two settled into a routine together, he fell in love with his new little buddy.

Serrano and Sinbad are furever family!

"He's doing very well!" Serrano said. "His personality really has blossomed! At first he was very quiet and reserved. Now he runs around the house, chases his toys, and asks for affection more readily."

Wow! What a transformation! Sinbad looks much better now - I even see a little smile beneath his signature scowl.

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