Rescuers Speechless When They Saw 'Inflated' Dog, But Now She's Lost Over Half Her Weight

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Rescuers Speechless When They Saw 'Inflated' Dog, But Now She's Lost Over Half Her Weight

Obesity is one of the biggest issues that humans have to deal with, but sometimes it extends to our canine friends. For poor Abby, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, her weight made it impossible for her to live a normal life.

Her owners fed her a lot of human food and she quickly gained weight. Her weight affected her ability to breathe, making it so challenging that even one step would leave her winded. She was overfed, under-exercised, and all of this could have been prevented if her previous owners had made better choices.

The owners finally decided to do the right thing and turn over Abby to those who could help her. Brittney Wilk, rescue volunteer, was at a loss for words when she first saw her.

She said that "I've been in rescue for nearly a decade and have seen some of the worst things you imagine, but I was so shocked when I first saw Abby that I was left speechless. It was like looking at an over sized bulldog, like she was blown up and inflated."

Abby had to make some big life changes. Her diet was controlled strictly and she was put an exercise program that started with water exercises to help lower the impact on her legs and joints. "She was swimming six out of seven days a week," Britney said, "Then when she was fit enough over the summer she started going for daily walks and it was easier from there."

She lost over half of her body weight. Abby was a whopping 50 pounds when she was surrendered and has lost 28 pounds. Her now healthy weight of 22 pounds makes her life a whole lot easier. "Now she's a new dog, both physically and psychologically," Britney said.

Abby found a new home who will make sure to keep her healthy and happy.