Retired Tennis Star Gets Tackled And Wrongfully Arrested, Now The Cop Is Suing Him

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NY Daily News

All too often we see stories in the news of police brutality and misconduct. Though it is so often portrayed in the media, it is important to remember that it is not all cops, just a few bad apples that give the rest of them a bad reputation. Videos of young black men being gunned down in the street by officers or stories of evidence tampering garner major headlines, and the story is usually the same.

NY Daily News

But one case out of New York City is changing the usual narrative, and not for the better. In 2015, retired tennis pro James Blake was standing outside his hotel when he was tackled to the ground by NYPD officer James Frascatore, who was dressed in civilian clothes at the time.

NY Daily News

This was a case of mistaken identity that was taken way to far. The NYPD originally states that Blake had not been "manhandled". However, Blake was able to obtain the surveillance footage from the hotel, which blatantly proved otherwise.. Only then was an apology forthcoming.

But the story gets even stranger...

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