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Ric Flair Opens Up About His Recovery After Being Given Only A 20% Chance To Live


"The Nature Boy" Rick Flair is a WWE legend and hall-of-famer. But at the moment, all of that takes a backseat to what he is dealing with at the moment. Flair is on the mend after going through a health crisis, a crisis that left him with a 20% chance to live.

Flair spent 10 days in a coma suffering from various complications, health complications that Flair completely admits are related to his prolific alcoholism, and the lifestyle he lived as a WWE entertainer.

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He credits much of his recovery to his fiance, Wendy Barlow.

"My health is much better than it was,'' Flair told ESPN. "When I got out of the hospital, I was 206 pounds. I'm back to 220. I'm allowed to drive a car, even though Wendy won't ride with me. So, I'm making a lot of strides, considering I couldn't walk when I got out of the hospital.''

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Flair ended up in the hospital on August 11, 2017, complaining of stomach pain. That stomach pain turned into his body shutting itself down.

"If he would have slept through the night with the stomachache and how bad it was, he would have died that night,'' Barlow said. "They said he had a 20 percent chance to live when I took him in there.''

Flair is now on the mend, and he is now hoping that younger people will learn from his example, and about the dangers of alcoholism. He had to go through detox while he was in the hospital, and he has continued on his sober path.

"My word to be is if you have a problem, monitor your health closely and try to alleviate the problem," said Flair. When he exited the hospital he put out a video entitled, I Ain't Dead Yet Mother F*****s.

While he was in the hospital he received words of encouragement from multiple celebrities. Hulk Hogan even flew out to Atlanta, and left a Bible of the bedside table. His good friend Charles Barkley made a trip to see him and stayed for some pictures.

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The Nature Boy is on the up-and-up, and he is showing us that sometimes you have to look at your own life and make some changes. Mr. Flair, we are happy to see you up and about.

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