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10 Things That Happen Every Day Now, But Would Have Been Ridiculous 50 Years Ago

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Times have changed, but you don't need me to tell you that.

If you say the phrase "back in my day" or "when I was your age" more often than you'd like, this article will make more sense to you.

5MB computer memory vs. 2GB computer memory today.Strange Military

Here are 10 more examples of things that don't seem so strange now, but 50 years ago would have been unacceptable or simply ridiculous.

10. Accepting rides from strangers and meeting people you talked to online.

9. Taking pictures of your food.

It's not that people never took a picture of their food, but their entire reel of plastic film was not of different angles of what food they ate at their favorite restaurant.  

8. Not being able to smoke anywhere you like.

Smoking in public spaces slowly started getting banned over the past 50 years, but during that time there was still many places that people could smoke regardless of whether people liked it or not. You'd find people smoking in all kinds of public institutions, including hospitals!

7. Being able to purchase a flat screen TV and hang it up on the wall.

6. Throwing things away that don't work so well and buying something new.

It only got thrown away if it was in smithereens, or else it would be fixed.

These next ones are absolutely ridiculous.

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