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A Bear Stole 2 Guns From A Hunter And Police Had No Idea What To Do About It

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According to the Siberian Times, a 57-year-old hunter (who has not been named) had gone to get water from a nearby river, leaving his two firearms, a bolt-action carbine and an automatic shotgun, behind in his cabin.

Siberian Times
Siberian Times

During this time, a brown bear managed to sneak into the cabin, and helped itself not only to the hunter's bag of supplies, but also, surprisingly, to his two guns, which had disappeared when the hunter returned. He searched for them for several days, but ended up having to return home empty-handed.

The bear even left his mark...Siberian Times

While the bear hasn't been sighted since, local police have advised people to be wary of a bear that is currently armed to the teeth and may be even more dangerous than usual. Because sometimes life is funny like that.

What would you do if you saw a bear carrying a hunting rifle and a shotgun?

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