No One Can Agree On The Right Way To Eat A Mango But We Might Know The Best Way

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We're back in mango season, which means a lot of deliciousness, but also a lot of confusion.

When your mango is finally ripe to eat, how do you go about eating it?

If you've paid close attention to strangers, friends, or other family members eating a mango, you've probably noticed that it's quite different than how you eat yours.

There's a lot of argument on social media forums on the right way to eat a mango, but in all honesty, there is no wrong or right way.

If you're able to savor the fruit without wasting too much of the inside, you're eating it the right way.

That being said, there are messy ways of eating a mango. And if you're eating the skin, you should probably stop...

Here are the three most commons ways you can eat a mango

1. Squeeze it

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This way of eating a mango is convenient if you don't have any utensils, but coming in contact with the skin of this fruit is not a good idea.

While the skin is edible, it may cause a mild or severe allergic reaction in some people.

2. Peel it

We all know biting into a mango like this is a bad idea! First, holding a slippery mango is nearly impossible and it will probably end up on the floor not just once, but twice.

Second, once you get to the core, your teeth are going to look like they've been growing yellow hairs.

3. Get artsy

The only problem with this way is that it's still messy! Yes, you've cut the mango in cubes, but you still have to bite into it.

And even if you think about scooping out the cubes, you probably can't, because you've likely already cut the skin.

We think this is the best way

So by now you're familiar with a few common ways people eat a mango.

Here's a pretty clever way of taking advantage of this delicious summer fruit.

The website Serious Eats has a pretty savvy way of making most of this summer fruit without getting the corners of your mouth yellow.

First, cut the mango with a sharp knife from the pit.

Then scoop up all the good stuff using a glass. Another way to do this is using a spoon!

No more mess. No more mango skin contact with your mouth. No more hairy teeth.

Will you try this way of eating a mango? How do you cut or eat your mango?

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